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Female Doctor

Kelly B., Licensed Nurse

This is a phenomenal read jam packed with invaluable information regarding Medicare and Medicaid planning and understanding, long term care insurance, advice for selecting care facilities, and so much more!

Speaker with a Poduim

Mike, Red Bank, NJ.

I thought that your book was really wonderful. It seemed to address all of the issues that the elderly must deal with in order to provide health care for themselves and their family. And, the information was really accessible. It was well organized, and the presentation in bullet formats made it simple for the reader to discern what is really important in each instance. And, the writing was very clear. Congratulations on your work!!

people who have written testimonials

Marion C.,  Senior Coordinator, Leonia Senior Center

Thank you, Lorraine Spiotta, Community Liaison from Hospice of N J. Our community is so grateful to learn about the Free Living Will called, "Five Wishes" and the informative information regarding long term care insurance.

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