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10 Tips for Getting Outside to Ease Your Mind!

Physical activity and time outside are two wonderful gifts for your body and mind, they're proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and offer a greater sense of well-being.

Here are 10 ways to boost your energy, mood and state of mind by being outside.

  1. Set aside just 10 minutes - Just 10 minutes of moderate activity outside can significantly benefit your mind and body.

  2. Set yourself up for success - Plan for moments in the day when you have the most energy.

  3. Treat it as a treat - outdoor activity is a well-deserved break in your day.

  4. Give yourself a goal - Just making time for yourself counts as a win.

  5. The outdoors is your playground - Step outside and take in all the possibilities.

  6. Do what feels good - Safely choose an activity you love and embrace the feeling.

  7. Stay mindful - Savor the feeling of being outside, the air on your lips, sun on your skin and ground beneath you.

  8. Notice the benefits - As you return from outside notice if you head is clearer, your focus sharper. Are you less stressed?

  9. Change it up if you need to - Find the right time of day to head outside or team up with a friend to keep each other on track.

  10. Have patience with yourself - According to Mental Health America it takes an average of 66 days for a behavior to become automatic.

I hope you have found these tips useful. These tips can definitely help all the caregivers out there. As my book Key Solutions for Caregiver can as well. If I can help you or a loved one with easing your mind about caregiving and helping a love one please don not hesitate to contact me. Simply click the button below to contact me.

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