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7 Ways Hospice Can Help

  1. Autonomy of the patient will ALWAYS be honored by Individualized Care Plans.

  2. The patient can change their mind about care.

  3. Distressing conditions such as pain or depression, if contributing to loss of interest in food/drink of other activities, will be treated.

  4. Personal beliefs, cultural norms, and quality of life are all factors in decision making with patient and family.

  5. Hospice staff educates facility staff and other caregivers on patient’s end of life plans.

  6. Hospice never aims to end life or hasten the end of life, and water/food is never withdrawn for this reason or against a patient’s will.

  7. The patient is allowed a death that is as natural as possible and that every moment before that point is as comfortable, rich, and spiritually full.


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