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Does a patient's doctor have to agree in order for the patient to receive Hospice Benefits?

Updated: May 20, 2021

No, Hospice companies have Medical Directors who can oversee the Hospice Plan of Care. Doctors who recommend hospice services to a patient and family sooner, see a higher level of care for their patients because hospice services offer an interdisciplinary team of professionals such as: nurses, home health aides, social workers, Chaplin and provide all durable medical equipment.

Hospice is a service not a place. Many patients reside at a nursing home or assisted living. However, a majority of patients are at home. Imagine caring for someone at home with no back up support. Your loved one stops eating, is agitated, or in pain. What do you do? If the patient is on hospice services the caregiver has support.

Here at Hospice of New Jersey when a family calls no matter what time or day of the week we answer the phone and our nurse will make a visit to the home in order to reassure the family and educate them on what is happening to the patient. This extra support provides a peace of mind and avoids unnecessary trips to the emergency room. In addition, the hospice nurse will pronounce death at the home.

No one knows when someone’s life will end. Dying with dignity and surrounded by family and friends is an important goal of hospice services. If I can help you or your family with hospice services feel free to click the button below.


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