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Getting Your Parents to Agree to Care at Home

Getting Your Parents to Agree to Receiving Care at Home

Are you considering having a Home Health Aid come into your parents home? Learn from my experience and prepare.

The need: To have a home health care aide come into the home from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., 7 days per week. We were told by the Home Health Care Agency that different people will be rotating the nighttime shift.

Day 1

The home health aide was nice and knew what to do. She was age appropriate and communicating was easy. I did write out specific tasks to be done.

Day 2

The person scheduled called out sick. The agency sent a young lady with a shoulder issue. The plan of care specifically read, “needs assistance with transferring out of bed.” My mother sent her away within an hour. Fortunately, we did not get charged.

Day 3

This aide walks into my parent’s home and takes charge right away. She goes to the freezer and gets bacon out for breakfast. She grabs my father and very loudly instructs him to stand up straight. In addition, she used an entire bottle of shampoo to wash his hair.

She gave my father toast for breakfast! LOL - She will not be coming back.

After long, stressful attempts to get my parents to agree to 7 days per week of home care, they have now changed their mind to 3 days per week. Ugh!

Share your stories with me.

Section V in my book Key Solutions for Caregivers provides information on care settings and offers suggestions to remember when using Home Health Care Agencies.

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