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Gift Ideas for the Caregiving Dad on Father's Day

Here are 10 gift ideas for the Caregiving Dad for Father's Day

1. A home-cooked meal

Caregivers often do all of the cooking, serving, and cleaning. What better way to give them a break from the tedious task of dinner preparation than doing it for them?

2. A clean home

After a long day of caring for others, the last thing on a caregiver’s mind is cleaning the house. Surprise your caregiver with a perfectly clean home and just watch their reaction.

3. A foot spa

Nothing says rest and relaxation like getting pampered. Melt away your caregivers stress this Father’s Day with a luxurious, massaging foot spa.

4. The gift of tea

Many varieties of tea promote calmness, help regulate blood sugar, and aid in relaxation. Tea is an inexpensive way to encourage your caregivers to take time for themselves to sip, relax and enjoy.

5. Maintenance service

Do you know of a specific project your caregiver has been putting off, maybe a leaky sink or broken dishwasher? Save them the stress and fix it for them!

6. A subscription to their favorite sports channel or a special magazine

With the advent of streaming sports events are becoming harder to access. Help dad get set up to watch his favorite games. Maybe your dad loves fly-fishing or hunting? Get him a magazine dedicated to the subject.

7. DNA, Ancestry, and Personal History

Get dad a DNA test. Help him explore his roots. Sit down and help him record his story on sites like Legacy Stories.

8. Teaching Moments

Dad taught you so much – now return the favor. Install upgraded computer security for dad to keep him safer on the web. While you are at it – offer to teach him how to use a video chat service like Skype so he can stay in touch with grandkids at college!

9. Audiobooks and documentaries

Dad’s love history so treat him to audiobooks or documentaries on his favorite subject. Bonus points for watching the documentary with your dad!

10. Snuggle Time

Get dad a weighted blanket which improves sleep and reduces anxiety. Another option is a heated lap blanket to stay warm while watching TV.

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