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How to keep track of your parents information?

Some people are really organized, while others keep trying every year to be organized.

My book, Key Solutions for Caregivers, was designed to help adult children record important information about their parents so they are ready if their parents need medical attention and/or a long term stay in a nursing home.

Many people have asked for me to develop an app. I am not against apps but before I research and develop this app, I am wondering how you stay organized and if an app would be useful.

My questions are:

  • What is your current system for recording medical and financial information for yourself and/or parents? 

  • What system do you use to keep up with your parent’s doctor appointments and/or hospital stays?

  • Do you have a current list of their medications? 

  • What communication skills do you use to obtain private medical/financial information for your parents? 

  • Which do your parents prefer? Paper records? Computer technology?

  • How will you share information with your children and when? 

  • What do you find most confusing about Medicare and/or Medicaid? 

  • What do you find most confusing about who pays for long term care?

My book, Key Solutions for Caregivers, provides a place to record important personal information which needs to be available for hospitalizations and financial assistance programs. It also includes specific information regarding care setting choices, tips for the caregiver in various situations and information about Medicare, Medicaid and long term care insurance. Start planning now so your family is prepared.

Click here to get answers to any or all of these questions.

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