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My book and why it is important?

My book, “Key Solutions for Caregivers” is realistic and simplistic information for caregivers. The main goal was to help caregivers stay organized in order to reduce stress.

Not only does it provide simple definitions to what is: Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance it also covers the differences between levels of care. The caregiver can also write down important information such as: insurance coverage ID numbers, financial account information, doctors names, veterans information etc.. This information is important for not only for the caregiver but for other family members as well.

I purposely left blank pages in the back of the book so the caregiver can take notes and document observations of the patient’s condition in order to prepare for doctor’s appointments and I would personally staple the doctors business card to the pages within the book.

The specific information provided to the health care provider allows him/her to diagnosis and prescribe the correct care plan.

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