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Quick Tips for Senior Care During Caregiver Vacation

If you or a family member are caring for someone and would like to go on vacation, consider these options:

  1. Adult children take over.

  2. Adult children take over with the help of a home health aide in the morning to a assist with bathing and dressing for a few hours a day.

  3. Assisted Living Facility possibly close to the adult children’s home so they can visit.

  4. Nursing Home.

  5. 24-hour home health aide (live in).

When speaking with any of the above-mentioned resources refer to a short stay as “respite” and usually the assisted living facility will have a furnished room for these types of stays. To shop around for the best daily rate ask the following:

  • What is included? 

  • What might be an add-on services?

  • Discuss specific needs that your family member has and if the facility is equipped to handle those needs.

Short stays require you pay in full prior to the person’s arrival. It is important to ask about the refund policy if for some reason the person changes their mind and/or goes to the hospital. If the person needing care has a long-term care insurance policy and their doctor certifies that the current illness will last 90 days or more, I would suggest submitting a claim and the respite stay maybe covered by the insurance policy. All policies vary; therefore, you must check with your insurance carrier for specific details and qualifications.

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