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Staying Sane and Healthy as a Caregiver Spouse

I read this article and thought there were some key points that any caregiver should keep in mind. Here are the 6 points:

  1. As a caregiver, recognize that you will ride an emotional roller-coaster.

  2. Recognize that while there may be no cure for a loved one’s diagnosis, we each can choose our response to the situation.

  3. Certainly educate yourself and your family members about the illness and prognosis. But recognize that each family member will process the situation differently and in their own time.

  4. Ensure you build and maintain a circle of support for your loved one and for you.

  5. Get enough sleep and find time to exercise.

  6. Recognize you are on your own unique journey.

My book on caregiving can help keep things manageable. If you are interested in speaking with me or purchasing my book click the button below. I look am here to help you or your family members age independently with dignity.

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