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Things to do this October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you are looking to do something in addition to doing the walk for the cure here are some other ideas of what to do for Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  • If you delayed your annual mammogram because of COVID-19, schedule your appointment now and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

  • Learn more about breast cancer and how it affects people’s lives from our podcast, videos, and medically reviewed educational content on

  • Join our community discussion forums to ask questions or connect with others. You can also attend a virtual meetup for support related to your diagnosis or if you are a caretaker for someone who’s been diagnosed.

  • Support the work of breast cancer advocacy organizations, and consider making a donation to Millions of people turn to to make sense of a breast cancer diagnosis. We’re here to help people understand complex medical decisions and get the best care possible. Donations are an essential part of supporting our resource-intensive work and help us keep our website content and community forums free for everyone.

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Donate to support free resources and programming for people affected by breast cancer.

If I can help you or a loved one with Breast Cancer recovery please feel free to reach out. Just click the button below.


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